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Singapore Social Escorts is a 100% verified directory listing of Independent Social Escorts available for your personal pleasure while you are in Singapore. Each escort is personally verified and “tested” to ensure that you are dealing directly with whom you have chosen. This is to say that the selected escort is exactly who she is and does as stated. No middleman. No agents. No surprises.

In order to get the best possible match, please do read through the individual social escorts in Singapore profiles, dos and dont’s, likes and dislikes, and services provided before you contact our online live Customer Support Crew to make an appointment.

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It is our primary objective to provide you — the paying customer with accurate and up-to-date information on Social escorts in Singapore call girls so that you are assured that you get what you see here. We do this by meeting and screening with each individual escort girls featured here and also by taking their pictures ourselves.




Spicy & Striking SG Chinese Babe!

Amy has a spunky outlook similar to Japanese Shinjuku gals — Kawaii cute looks, apparently sweet but with laced with such spiciness and oozing sensuality of the modern young ladies of today.

Height : 160cm

Vital Stats : 34B-24-34


19yo S

weet & Sassy Lass!

Jenz is tallish looking as she has a ranter proportional figure. She seems shy and sweet, which she is, but if you hit the right buttons you are in for a good time! Hidden beneath her sweet shell, there’s a burning yearning young lady inside with such passion and enthusiasm, she will take your breath away!

Height : 160cm

Vital Stats : 34B 26 34



Tall Sexy Leggy Slim SYT!

Ht: 170cm

Figure: 33B 22 33


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Sweet & ‘Innocent’ Babe!

Maggie is a very sunshine outdoorsy-type gal and is a good swimmer. She has a active lifestyle and takes to the pool 3X a week – you can imagine her endurance that she can go during your exotic missions!

Ht: 166cm | Weight: 50Kg

Figure: 34A 24 34


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Fair GND with Jap Looks!

Ht: 164cm

Figure: 34B 25 35


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Outdoorsy Slim Babe! Vicky has a regular office job and has a care free nature. Most of the time she’s almost naked – her face that is! She rather be her carefree self and enjoy whatever comes her way!

Height : 151cm

Vital Stats : 34B 24 33


social escorts in Singapore


Voluptuous Sex Siren!

Ht: 160cm

Figure: 36C 25 35


singapore social escorts


Voluptuous babe with Superb Service! Janese is a SG Malay babe and self-proclaim herself as the Queen of Lingerie! If you have an appreciation of exotic sensual lingerie or nighties, Janese will have what it takes to level up the playing ground for sure!

Height : 160cm

Vital Stats : 36C 25 36


social escorts Singapore


Plus Size Voluptuous SG babe! The ultimate if you are a boob man! Definitely more than what you can handle with just your bare hand, Tammy will make your hand seems like a child’s hand. And she does enjoy your intimate fondling hands on all over her voluptuous body!

Ht: 173cm

Figure: 36D 28 36


singapore social escorts

Sensual Matured Companion Pauline was good enough to a kept mistress at one stage of her life and she proclaims that he was more than satisfied with her. But she decided to call the deal off as she was bored after a couple of years! Evidently, she’s well groomed, well dressed and as slutty as they come!

Ht: 158cm

Figure: 32B 24 33


social escort singapore


Matured Lady with Excellent Service!

Ht: 158cm

Figure: 32B 24 33


singapore social escorts


Photo & Event Model! Xiao Nu Ren (Chinese meaning a small dainty woman) is the word best suited to describe Eve. Imagine an ancient exotic asian beauty who is from the village but catches the eye of the King and is made subsequently made Queen and you can imagine Eve – the perfect companion for Adam!

Ht: 164cm

Figure: 33B 24 34


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Model & Party Babe Type! If you like easy-going, out-going and proactive girls, Trisha is your choice! She’s local, Chinese and she likes speaks her mind freely and is direct to the point. She take no offense when you give a good rebuttal – beauty with brains and personality!

Ht: 164cm

Figure: 33B 24 34


singapore social escorts


Tall Nude Model!

Ht: 172cm

Figure: 34C 24 34